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Barton Naked 50

Modern Streetfighter in AM version

Barton Naked 50 – the new face of the modern moped

In the offer of lightweight motorcycles, aimed at both young people and adults, features such as comfort, attractive design and ease of driving are key parameters for choosing a vehicle.

Barton Naked 50 is a response to the expectations of the young generation of drivers who are looking for an efficient means of transport – agile, compact and economical, replacing the need to use public transport or a fuel-consuming car.

Available on an ID card (18 years of age before 19.01.2013) and for 14-year-olds with AM category qualifications, the Naked 50 moped allows you to improve your skills in riding a motorcycle and provides cheap travel within the city of residence or longer trips outside it.

The designers of the model focused on combining the best technical solutions with a characteristic body line, typical of naked motorcycle novelties. The moped is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection, working with a four-speed gearbox that works extremely precisely and allows you to get an excellent driving experience. Efficient suspension based on the use of USD front forks, a steel frame, full Full-LED lighting, 17-inch wheels and disc brakes with four pistons are just some of the elements that make this model extremely safe in everyday use.

Barton Naked 50 is equipped with a modern digital display that allows the user to control the current speed, engine speed, its temperature and read the gear fastened at the moment. In addition, the driver can monitor the amount of fuel remaining in the tank and the kilometers traveled, which allows them to maintain control of the vehicle during each trip. Extremely low fuel consumption (1.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km) with an approx. 11-liter tank installed allows you to cover a long distance on a single refueling.

The Naked 50 model is undoubtedly a reasonable and economical choice for all those looking for a cheap and stylish means of personal transport.

50 cm3
2,58 KM / 8000 obr./min.
4T, single-cylinder
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