Barton the brand


Barton Motors has been on the Polish market since 2007, enjoying the opinion of one of the most popular importers of scooters, mopeds, and 125cc motorcycles. Barton is a brand created with a vision and a plan to catch up with the best. That's why everything we do is of the highest quality. This idea guides us at every stage of our work - from selecting suppliers, through the collection creation process, to selecting the team with whom we build the Barton Motors brand. We surround ourselves with people whose passion is motorization. We have an extensive network of showrooms all over Poland. We observe how more and more motoring enthusiasts choose our two-wheelers from year to year with great joy.


Barton Motors is a group of professionals who love the automotive industry and want to create one-of-a-kind vehicles. Our two-wheelers are selected from among thousands of models. Before we decide to introduce a given model to the market, we test the selected machines ourselves to make sure that we offer the customer the highest quality and reliability. We select the collection to meet the requirements of both die-hard automotive enthusiasts and people who appreciate the practical and economic advantages of riding a motorcycle or moped. Each vehicle has a unique design developed by people who know current trends and are passionate about motorization from an early age. Each year, we introduce more and more innovative and modern solutions to our offer to meet the growing expectations of our customers.


The quality of our vehicles is constantly monitored by employees in China who are present at every stage of the production of new motorcycles and scooters. The components used in our products are manufactured in the best, carefully selected factories that are OEM producers for top brands, such as German BMW, Japanese Suzuki, or Italian Piaggio. Thanks to the extensive network of Authorized Service Shops, we provide our customers with after-sales care and a two-year warranty.

Thanks to the commitment and heart we put into our work, we gain new, satisfied customers each year. We appreciate people associated with our brand. It is you who mobilize us to improve our business further.