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Barton Naked 125

Barton Naked 125. Created for the needs of the young generation of motorcyclists.


The offer of 125 cm3 two-wheelers by Barton Motors available in the 2024 season is joined by a motorcycle that perfectly complements the portfolio of motorcycles aimed at drivers with a category B driving license.


The Barton Naked 125 is a machine that impresses with its modern design, which is a combination of classic and sporty accents. Such a unique combination emanating feistiness and power definitely distinguishes this model from other naked bikes currently offered in Polish showrooms.


This urban rogue is powered by a proven, 10 horsepower four-stroke engine mounted in a strong truss frame and working with a smooth, 5-speed gearbox.  This combination of key components in the motorcycle, together with the efficient suspension based on the upside-down front forks and the centrally located rear shock absorber, guarantees road agility, high riding comfort and handling stability in all conditions. Effective disc brakes with CBS system are responsible for quick and safe deceleration, improving the system's performance in unforeseen emergency braking. It is worth mentioning here the use of a huge front brake disc using a radially mounted 4-piston caliper, which will ensure immediate action and thus significantly increase the safety of riding a motorcycle. The equipment of the Barton Naked 125 includes full lighting using LED technology, 17-inch alloy wheels and a modern LCD display that provides full control of important vehicle parameters.


The ergonomic, wide bench seat located at a height of 810 mm and the considerable dimensions of the vehicle (1945 mm x 1170 mm x 740 mm) allow two people to ride and make it an attractive proposition in the 125-five segment for taller drivers.


The Barton Naked 125 not only looks impressive, but also tempts with its low price, very good driving characteristics and versatility in everyday use. It is a motorcycle that will appeal to the young generation of motorcyclists who are looking for a combination of fashionable looks and modern technological solutions, and who want a vehicle that will provide them with both high performance and an exciting, yet safe riding experience in all conditions. A motorcycle that combines high quality workmanship, great maneuverability and exceptional dynamics. It is available in three color versions: green-graphite, red-graphite and orange-graphite.


If you are looking for a two-wheeler that offers high performance and will provide maximum riding pleasure, be sure to check out this model at our points of sale. Remember that you can only drive it with a category B car driving license.

124 cm3
9,8 KM / 8000 rpm
4T, single-cylinder
Manual, 5-biegowa
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