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Barton Volt

Children's Power ON!

An electric quad for a young off-road enthusiast


Barton Volt 1500W is another novelty in our range of four-wheelers.


There are few models on the market of electric ATVs that will find fans among children and teenagers with their functionality and colors. Barton Volt is a solid, sport-off-road quad characterized by a powerful electric motor (1500W) working with an automatic transmission embedded in a solid steel frame. This design provides the perfect combination of performance, reliability and durability to ensure a long and stress-free use of the vehicle for the young owner.


The Barton Volt is equipped with practically everything we can expect in this class and price of the vehicle:


- large, wide tires with an aggressive tread, mounted on 8-inch steel rims, making it easier to move on any type of surface

- classic suspension using an oil-spring shock absorber system for a comfortable ride

- efficient disc brakes mounted on both axles of the vehicle, responsible for quick and safe braking of the vehicle from higher speeds

- 3-step speed control with mechanical speed limitation, which will additionally take care of your child's safety

- a meaty, comfortable couch that allows you to use the quad for long hours of off-road fun

- modern lighting, made in LED technology ensuring good visibility in any weather

- multifunctional, color TFT display monitoring all operating parameters of the four-wheeler

- electric starter and reverse gear activated by buttons in switches mounted on the steering wheel of the vehicle

- remote control for remote switching off of the quad by the parent in the event of an emergency stop of the vehicle if the child drives too far


Barton Volt 1500W is a safe and easy-to-use machine dedicated to every young off-road enthusiast. Its maintenance does not require many adjustments and servicing, and charging is done with a simple charger plugged into a regular socket.


It is available in three interesting, colorful graphics: yellow, red or blue, which further distinguish this model from the uniform colors of most quads available on the market.

1500 W cm3
1500 W
automatic, 3 speed modes
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