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Barton Flash

A scooter perfect for everyday use

A small, handy scooter is the most popular and often chosen means of transport for a typical European family. Its versatility will be appreciated by both a teenager who needs quick transport to everyday meetings with peers and an adult who wants to travel comfortably to the other end of the town to run current errands or do shopping.

Both have a large cargo space under the seat, the possibility of attaching the backpack to the trunk and hanging a shopping net on a hook located centrally in the plastic housing of the steering column, directly between the driver's legs. The long and comfortable seat gives you the opportunity to drop off a smaller child to kindergarten or school, and in the case of a teenager, take a loved one for a short ride.

Barton Flash is a twin design to the Scalpel model, which already has many satisfied users who appreciate the scooter for its interesting appearance, good workmanship, low fuel consumption and operating costs. Our novelty for 2023 is distinguished by a feisty, sporty fairing, uniform, glossy paint and front and rear lighting based on LED technology.

The scooter has a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, electric starter, disc front brake and automatic transmission. Small dimensions, low weight with a power of almost 3 HP allow for easy control of the vehicle and efficient movement in traffic, and fuel consumption at the level of 2.2 l/100km convinces to reach for a scooter more often than a fuel-consuming car. To drive it, an ID card is enough, and in the case of teenagers over 14 years of age, a passed driving test for category AM.

Finally, the icing on the cake, i.e. the price. For PLN 5799, Barton Flash is an economical and practical choice that will be fun to use for every family member.

50 cm3
2,7 KM / 7000 obr./min.
4T, single-cylinder
automatic CVT
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